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Crossing The Line | The Mean Times


Crossing The Line | The Mean Times

As a part of Trade Creative Media’s music video project Fully Sick Film Clips ( Crossing The Line is the first single off the debut EP for The Mean Time. It is a music video clip that brought the bands original ideas of playing in a bikram yoga studio into reality. The clip references the sweaty, sexual tension of the bikram environment; as well as maintaining ┬áthe band’s rock out – goodtime image.


The production of the video included a comprehensive pre-production, as the actual filming time of the clip was limited to just 4 hours. The production team were using some to capture the intense heat and sweat of bikram yoga. The post-production team we able to add some quality heat lines and a warm colour grade to really convey the sense of heat and intensity.


The video was launched by the band’s publicist and has been attracting attention on YouTube, as the debut EP is released. ┬áThe clip has been shown on classic music video show RAGE on ABC, and has been entered into a number of music video competitions.



December 6, 2016


Video Production